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Alley Light

Good spot to bring coworkers or someone you want to impressive with your street knowledge of the local area. If you didn’t know where Alley Light was located, you would walk right passed it. The door to the place is down a crappy little alley under a crappy little light (hence the name). But once you go in, it is a small, up scale restaurant with a sweet bar. I especially love it because the bourbon selection is awesome. However, Virginia has some weird laws where they can’t get select brands such as Willett.  The only thing that would make it better is if they snuck in the restricted labels and served it out of another bottle… then they can be a real speak easy!

Alley Lights Website

Alley Light



Joe Patti

joe-patti-s-seafoodA hidden gem that ironically manifests the best of the unwitting Red Neck Riviera. Joe Patti is a fish market located directly on the docks, delivering a plethora of sea food fresh off the boat (literally)! When I move, this is the only place I will truly miss. Embedded in the market is a beignet truck, sushi bar, and little stores offering delicious spreads, oils, sauces and seafood delights to be eaten on a park bench in Pensacola or the picnic benches out back. If you are in the area, go!!!

Flanders Art Gallery

Flanters Art Gallery

Flanders Gallery :  Founded 2006, Raleigh, North Carolina.   Flanders Gallery is committed to cultivating the careers of emerging artists.  Through its rigorous exhibition program, the gallery continues to explore new concepts in contemporary art using various media.  Flanders Gallery is dedicated to exhibiting provocative and innovative contemporary art, producing 14-18 exhibits each year both in the gallery and in alternative exhibit spaces.

In October 2014, the gallery moved to a new space,  located next to LUMP.  The new space will function as a project space for emerging artists of all backgrounds who seek to experiment with concepts in contemporary art and culture, using a wide range of media.

Crab Island

Crab Island

Crab Island is a shallow spot of water where everyone and their mom anchors their boat and watches each other get hammered. It stays pretty family friendly until the Billy Bowlegs festival. Then you want to send the kids home and make sure you aren’t wearing a white bathing suit, unless you really meant to buy a brown one. There isn’t much you won’t see..crab people at their finest.



SluggosAn interesting liberal oasis in a sea of “Roll Tide!”…and I’m a conservative. Slug’s is a hip little vegetarian restaurant and safe haven to the artsy fartsy vagabond type from Pensacola College. Parked next door to a gay bar where you can eat awesome vegetarian food in one room and dance to some heartfelt, slightly off key indie band in the next. Ideal to experience weird art/music/beer/people and great food.