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Best desert, coffee, cocktail combo in town!

Flanders Gallery :  Founded 2006, Raleigh, North Carolina.   Flanders Gallery is committed to cultivating the careers of emerging artists.  Through its rigorous exhibition program, the gallery continues to explore new concepts in contemporary art using various media.  Flanders Gallery is dedicated to exhibiting provocative and innovative contemporary art, producing 14-18 exhibits each year both in the gallery and in alternative exhibit spaces. In October 2014, the gallery moved to a new space,  located next to LUMP.  The new space will function as a project space for emerging artists of all backgrounds who seek to experiment with concepts in contemporary art and culture, using a wide range of media.

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C.Grace Bar Cocktail Bar

cgrace jazz barC. Grace opened on November 2, 2011, a combined effort of Catrina Godwin, business Owner, and Matthew Bettinger, General Manager.

Although the location had previously housed several bars, Catrina set out to build an interior and environment unique to the space and to Raleigh. With the re-emergence of cocktail culture being embraced in many mid-sized cities around the U.S., a cocktail driven bar in the heart of Raleigh, NC seemed a logical next step for the establishment’s conceptual evolution. C. Grace evokes memories of classic jazz clubs where the lights are low, the jazz is hot, the drinks are strong and the nights, full of merriment.

Matthew Bettinger joined the team and brought a beverage program centered around classic cocktails, and a style of service designed to create a welcoming and neighborly environment. The music plays five nights a week, the drink menu continues to change and grow and there is always a friendly face behind the bar.

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Bida Manda

Vida Manda is a thoughtful dining experience with a cool twist on the food and culture of Laos. The fusion in trendy atmosphere and authentic roots are emblematic in the name which honors the “Father and Mother” (Bida Manda) of the owners back in Laos. Bida Manda is known “go to” by all the local professionals. They have a couple great plates that are not represented on the menu, so make sure you ask the waiter.Bida Mando



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