Marco & Luca

A Chinese dumpling shop; limited, affordable, unique. The dumplings are very good. It is one of those spots that are truly unique and maintain their culture by not trying hard to show everyone that they are maintaining their Chinese immigrant roots. They have one bulletin board that showcases their accomplishments from local newspapers and businesses that capture the founders inspiring story that sits behind a couple of weird oriental trinkets. Other than that, it looks like a humble shop with a bell counter where you pick up your food and drop off your money. If you want water, you can grab it from a plastic trey on the counter where they fill up plastic cups from the sink. You can take it back to your tiny space at your tiny table where you listen to pop music played from a chintzy radio that is made to look like a record turntable. Marco & Luca is looking to impress no-one! They simply let their dumplings speak for themselves. Its nice to see an honest mom and pop without any gimmicks. I mean…they don’t even have a website. Additionally, because M&L refrains from adopting a trendy brand, they are often passed over by the bougie college crowd looking for something more along the lines of the Sky Bar down the street, usually just stopping in as a preventative recovery srtategy after a night of binge drinking. However, M&L just opened a second shop in the mall. So check it out before they become mainstream and will most likely be forced to sacrifice their genuine identity for the sake of scalability.

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Marco & Luca

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